Story: Silence and Valiance

Cover Art by Red-Velvet-Panda [Romance][Angst][Fluff][Adventure][AU][Rating T13] In a medieval era, when prey subjugate predators and force them to be their unwilling servants, a revolution is brewing to make things right, and a special connection between a rabbit and her servant […]


Story: Wonder Bunny

Wonder Bunny! by StarfangsSecrets [Fantasy][Sci-Fi][Adventure][AU][Rating T13] Hot on the heels of the 2017 box office smash that is “Wonder Woman,” “Wonder Bunny” slots Judy Hopps into the titular character’s role in an AU that’s sure to please fans of the […]


Story: Don’t Let Go

Art by Caliosidhe [Rating T13][Mystery][Romance][Angst][Crime][Drama] This amazing work has quickly become one of my new favorite stories in the fandom. Nick and Judy venture into a brand new case that will test their wits and have them deal with an […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates 12 October 2017

Special Cover by Quirky-Middle-Child Today seems to be the day for Short Story Collections! Not only did The “What If…” Project add an entire 4-chapter mini-story, Nick Wilde: Ace Attorney, but Forty Glimpses also added a new short to their […]


Story: A Bitter Pill

Art by Neytirix [Hurt/Comfort][Angst][Drama][Romance][Complete][T-13] After sustaining horrific injuries during a routine call, Judy undergoes a long, arduous road to recovery that will seriously test her physical and mental resolve. Although she has Nick at her side and is being treated […]


Story: Zootopian Vice

Detective Wilde and Hopps by Kadeart [Crime][Drama][Humor][Sequel][Incomplete][Rated M16] Detectives Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are on the case in this high-energy adventure that takes place after the events of Lothar Hex’s previous fanfic, “A Reynard’s Remorse.” Packed with a bevy […]


Art of the Day #128

Dreaming of You by Stormspike Source [1] Sorry for the late start to today’s posts.  It’s been a busy morning.  But that’s not why you’re here, is it?  Nope, you’re here for some fantastic Wildehopps fluff, and other stuff! (I […]