Story: Zootopian Vice

Detective Wilde and Hopps by Kadeart

[Crime][Drama][Humor][Sequel][Incomplete][Rated M16]

Detectives Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are on the case in this high-energy adventure that takes place after the events of Lothar Hex’s previous fanfic, “A Reynard’s Remorse.” Packed with a bevy of twists and turns while deepening and strengthening the relationship between Nick and Judy that developed in its predecessor, “Zootopian Vice” is a strong entry into the Zootopia fanfic canon for those interested in solving a few mysteries along the way. Rated M for language, minor sexual content and some drug references. ~YFWE

Author: Lothar Hex

Description :
Judy and Nick are detectives, but their first case isn’t something glamorous, it’s the simple death of a prostitute. That’s how it starts anyway, as the investigation turns out to be anything but simple. Sequel to A Reynard’s Remorse.

Zootopian Vice
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