Comic: Not Again (by The Gory Saint) [FULL COMIC]

Oh no.  The last time we saw a WildeHopps Breakup in a comic, there was a ton of controversy surrounding it.  But thankfully, this takes it in a completely different direction!

This large, almost-30-page-long comic, written and illustrated by The Gory Saint, runs a wide gamut of emotions.  There’s heartache and betrayal, but also healing and honest communication.  What starts off looking bleak ends with a twist and backstory that I’ve never actually seen in fan works before- and that’s really hard to do at this point!  It’s really refreshing!

That’s all I really can say without spoiling the whole thing, so go ahead and read it over on The Gory Saint’s tumblr, or after the break!


  1. Wait wait wait… not only do we have that little twist at the end (which, as you said, is refreshing), but we also have JUDY be the one with the depressingly tragic backstory? Nick's… NOT the eternal punching bag…?
    …Is this even the same fandom anymore? XD
    I look forward to seeing where this goes!

  2. Grrr… You know, I don't think there's a single version of jack savage that I like, and when you consider all the works he's been in, that's saying something!

  3. Best surprise unveil ever, except for its ruining the canon of the movie. Or as far as we, the audience knows, and canons are subject to change depending upon the word of creator(s) of the film.

  4. Great art, great story. Bit hard to figure why she'd not open up to Nick sooner, but… Still a great bit. pgs 9-12, that is one anguished bunny. The tail hair was a nice touch, too. Nick having a tear when she surprise-grabbed him. Great expressions and scenes. Good stuff! Thanks for bird-dogging this! Stubat.

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