Art of the Day #131

Coffe Break by foxefuel
Source [1]

You know, even if we don’t see a full sequel to Zootopia anytime soon, it would be amazing if Disney were to make a little short or two. Something like that going into a bit of Nick and Finnick’s friendship would be fantastic, in my opinion.

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What if….? by Alamarus
Source [2]

Zootopia Sketch – 01 by Guephren
Source [3]

Victorian Zootopia Traditional Clothes 05 by FairytalesArtist
Source [4]

TV Time by fanartiguess
Source [5]

Final Verdict by Neytirix
Source [6]

Gideon’s Pies by Dj-Rodney
Source [7]

Attack On Zootopia Cover Art by StarfangsSecrets
Source [8]

No Name 2 by skeletonguys-and-ragdolls
Source [9]

Nick by RON-IC
Source [10]

Image by artlmeirjohnson
Source [11]

Fall by Lucky13spirits
Source [12]

Lick by CaptainSkee
Source [13]

coffee judy by -Lofi
Source [14]

Backstage by chirenbo
Source [15]

Play water by ThankU830309
Source [16]

Judy as Karma by jman0525
Source [17]

Judy Hopps doodle by PazzQ
Source [18]

Not just some guy who doesn’t want to go to jail by aqvilarostrvm
Source [19]

Buena Suerte! by kol98
Source [20]

Park Walk – Zootopia by XSkyTheArtist
Source [21]

Chief Bogo by Azzarash
Source [22]

[fanart] Nick Wilde by 7THeaven
Source [23]

ズートピアの教官 by NOGI(のぎ)
Source [24]

Ciao by yelnats
Source [25]


  1. Why does source 19 looks like a pic taken from an animated series of zootopia?
    Am I missing something here or is it just fanart?
    CAUSE whatever it is it's furr-ing AWESOME…xD

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