ZNN Interviews returns with Sprinkah! (Audio-only)

Ladies and Gentlemammals, ZNN Interviews are back!  This time, we interviewed the absolutely amazing illustrator and artist behind This Is What True Love Looks Like, Sprinkah!
We wanted to make it a video like the others, but things don’t always work out as you want.  We actually recorded this months ago, and we may still do a video of it, they take a lot of time and effort to make.  So, we’re giving you another option!  We can do interviews more frequently, but they would be in this audio-only format, or we could do them as videos that take months to put together.  Let us know what you think in the comments!
Give Sprinkah some love over on Deviantart, and listen to the full interview over on Soundcloud after the break!


  1. Interesting choice. I think we should get the interviews sooner rather than later, BUT alongside a simple audio recording, you should make a youtube video that showcases art from the story, excerpts from the story, and basically just comprises some neat little slideshow to keep people from getting bored. Try it out. I recommend.

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