Art of the Day #130- How UnFURtunate!

Dumb fox by Geekfox
Source [1]

Ah, Friday the Thirteenth. A day considered by many to be a day of bad luck. Including myself- as I write this, I’m running late for work, so we’re off to a great start already. -_-

Thankfully, one person’s misfortune can be funny for others, and this fandom has plenty of examples of Nick and Judy being caught in either embarrassing or otherwise unfortunate predicaments. So let’s at least get a laugh at that!

Get your art after the break, and show the artists some love by following the source links!

Playing poker at Nicks place. by TheDarkShadow1990
Source [2]

Not so thievius anymore by The-Bundycoot
Source [3]

[Request] Judy Hopps by BLOODRIKE
Source [4]

you’re under arrest by troodont
Source [5]

ディズニーイースター by ぎどら
Source [6]

Hey I heard you are a Wilde One by T-b0
Source [7]

Holy Cheese and Crackers He’s Hot… by LovinSpoonfuls
Source [8]

The First Time by SalaceOrion
Source [9]

Yep. by Juindalo
Source [10]

Costume of shame by Ziegelzeig
Source [11]

HALT! – Zootopia by Blleeeaauuurrgghhh
Source [12]

Suprise,suprise!! by JaMbo0Ty
Source [13]

Nobody mess with my Nick! by Aranda15
Source [14]

Awkward Vacation pt 3 aka Refreshments by FluttershytheKind
Source [15]

Judy Hopps – version 1 by tears-of-blade
Source [16]

Little Judy by Krrrokozjabrra
Source [17]

Aftermath… by TheWinterBunny
Source [18]

draw me like one of your french girls. by thearonaut
Source [19]

The Duke and a Drumstick by @pointedfox
Source [20]

Judy the Drama Queen by Holmssie
Source [21]

a fox and a bun walk into a bar… by thearonaut
Source [22]

serious cop business by cupcakeninja11
Source [23]

Zootopia, Nick and Judy1 by StickyScribbles
Source [24]

Spit-take by Technical-Error
Source [25]

Zootopia:Resident Evil 4 DLC by chochi
Source [26]

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  1. When I saw #12 I immediately thought of Paul McCartney's Wings album 'Band on the Run'with James Coburn on the cover… only now I'm hearing 'Fox on the run…' (place musical bridge here)

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