Water Under The Burrows, Chapter 8 and Epilogue!

After about 9 months of hard work, talent, and dedication from MisterMead and WriteAnon, Water Under The Burrows is over!  It was never quite the emotional rollercoaster that Judy is Dead put us through, but it had its own unique ups and downs that really goes to show just how fantastic this duo is at long-form comics!  Bravo, MisterMead!  Bravo, WriteAnon!  We at ZNN will be eagerly looking forward to your next project!
If you haven’t read Water Under The Burrows yet, get all caught up here:
As usual, you can find the full comic over on MisterMead’s tumblr.  Now then, finish off the story with Chapter 8: Water under the Burrows, and the Epilogue: Dance with the Devil!


  1. They both get kudos for not only referencing pop-pop's tirade from the deleted scene "Homesick Hopps" (foxes are red because they're made by the devil), but also correctly referencing pop-pop's real name.

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