10 Animated Movies that “Stole” their plots (by ScreenRant)

Clickbait-y thumbnail is clickbait.  What a shocker.  Of course we’d have this sort of luck today…

ScreenRant, I like your stuff most of the time, but Goldman’s lawsuit against Disney does not need to any more publicity than it’s already gotten.  Unless it’s from us, pointing out just how idiotic his claims are.

However, to ScreenRant’s credit, it seems as though they wrote this piece back before Goldman had amended his claims to include his “evidence”.  There’s no way they would claim that Zootopia was a stolen idea if they’d read that.  Or rather, I’d like to give ScreenRant the benefit of the doubt here.

You can watch the full video after the break.  The Zootopia section starts around the 7:30 mark.

(Edit: yes, I dislike this video enough that I’m not going to bother adjusting the html of the embedded video to make it look decent.  Youtube’s decided that this is the default size, and in this instance, I’m not going to correct them.)


  1. Ideas are cheap. It's the expression of the idea that costs. Someone here was just trying for sensationalism (and "kick the big guy" (Disney)). No, this boils down to someone who does not understand the difference between plagiarism and independent development (or, taking a basic idea and developing a perfectly good and saleable product, even if one starts from the same "basic" idea…)

  2. Giving sites that use clickbait to get views thr benefit of the doubt is naive at best. These guys knew full well whay they were doing when they posted this.

    Not going to click the link and give this an undeserved view.

  3. Yes, the ol' sharing the same genre, so it must be stolen fallacy, or sharing the same cliches. All ideas have been done before, what matters is what you do with them, play by the numbers or put a new twist to them.

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