Story: Wonder Bunny

Wonder Bunny! by StarfangsSecrets

[Fantasy][Sci-Fi][Adventure][AU][Rating T13]

Hot on the heels of the 2017 box office smash that is “Wonder Woman,” “Wonder Bunny” slots Judy Hopps into the titular character’s role in an AU that’s sure to please fans of the superhero as well as general Zootopia nuts looking for an exciting new alternate universe offering. This is one bunny you DEFINITELY don’t want to call cute. ~YFWE

Author: AWildeHoppingTaco

Description :
All her life, Judith has wanted nothing more than to be an Amazonian warrior, and protect the world as she was born to do. When a plane with a male fox from the outside world crashes on the island of Themyscira, she learns of the conflict that threatens all mammalkind. Determined to end all wars, she sets off to fight alongside him to discover her true destiny.

Wonder Bunny

Additional Tags: wonder, power, courage


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