Quiz: What character are you in the Zootopia Police Department?

There are a lot of mammals in the ZPD.  Chief Bogo, Fangmeyer, Delgato, Mchorn, Francine, Clawhauser, son on and so forth.  But which character  are you the most like?

Well, Oh My Disney gave us the answer with a Quiz, asking us “What character are you in the Zootopia Police Department?” As for myself, I got Nick Wilde. Yes, even if I’m a Maned Wolf and hate been compared to a fox, I’m a fan of this guy. Got a problem with that?

Anyway, take the quiz for yourself over on Oh My Disney and post your results in the comments down below!


  1. I once managed to get Judy Hopps. I'm the unconventional type, like Judy herself.

    And really, Disney had been cranking out a lot of Zootopia quizzes, but never anything in the way of plushies on their ShopDisney website. Why is that?

  2. It labeled me as Clawhauser…definitely think these things read me wrong, I'm way more of a sarcastic sass (like a certain vulpine we all love) than exuberant huggy guy.

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