Story: A Reynard’s Remorse

Art by: Meka2201 [Rating M16][Drama][Romance][Humor][Angst][Complete] A gut-wrenching and affecting story that puts our fox and bunny, especially Nick, through the wringer as they deal with aftermath of a tragedy that occurs while on the job. A hostage negotiation gone wrong […]


Story: Consecution

Art by: Jeinu [Rating T13][Romance][Suspense][Action] The third story in tarienn’s highly enjoyable “Contrasts” series that features another recognizable and popular duo in Zootopia fanfiction: the smooth, resourceful Jack Savage and the enigmatic, alluring vixen Skye. In a tale brimming with […]


Story: Fox on the Run

Art by: IttyBittyKittyTittys [Rating T13][Mystery][Suspense] I literally gripped the edge of my laptop as I read Johnsoneer’s mystery/suspense story, “Fox on the Run.” The story sees Nick disappear under mysterious circumstances, and with a threat looming over Zootopia, Judy and […]


Elon Musk tweets about Zootopia!

“Zootopification” by Byron Howard Elon Musk, one of the top 25 most powerful people in the world, founder of PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla, and overall real-life Tony Stark, tweeted about Zootopia earlier today. It wasn’t anything super major- just a funny […]


Story: Prosthenisis

Art by: WarWolf [Rating M16][Science-Fiction][Mystery][Drama][Complete] This story was a lot of fun to read! It follows the plot of Zootopia where it needs to, and deviates where appropriate. Nothing feels forced and the sci-fi world is seamlessly integrated. Also, Judy […]


ZNN Spotlight #4 Sprinkah

Greetings ZNN readers! I’m Sendrax, ZNN shrew, and I’m here to bring the spotlight onto another great artist of this amazing fandom. Today, we have an artist that, in my humble opinion, shows how a style can be developed by […]


Zootopia Recipes: Lemonade and Donuts!

What’s that you say? Folks are making their own recipes based off of popular moments or concepts from Zootopia? Heck yeah they are! Granted these are simple recipes and nothing complicated — most of us could probably whip these up […]