Comic- Black Jack Part 4: Advice From The Moon (Original by Rem289 and AoiMotion)

ZNN is having kind a of weird scheduling day.  Oh well.

Welcome back to Black Jack!  In the previous chapter we saw Nick and Judy having a wonderful night. Filled with a good movie, sharing true feelings, and being interrupted by nosy neighbors. That’s probably the same as any normal night for them.

Now we get to see Jack Savage sorting through his list of officers, but he needs help on making a decision. When you need help on choices, who you gonna call? No, not those guys

Rem289 and AoiMotion having been working real hard on giving us this comic, and they are doing a superb job!  

You can now see the comic over on deviantart or after the break!



  1. What bothers me though, is the inclusion of dogs in the story … because you know, in the zootopia universe, humans never existed, therefore dogs shouldn't exist either since they are man made…

    • Technically yes they are; dogs are specifically bred by humans for particular purposes just like cats, sheep, cattle, goats, and hundreds of thousands of cultivated plants have been, and would never exist in Zootopia; their ancestors, the wolves, dholes, etc. would, but dogs would not. However, this is fiction, so if the author wants to include them that's their freedom to do so.

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