Story: Consecution

Art by: Jeinu

[Rating T13][Romance][Suspense][Action]

The third story in tarienn’s highly enjoyable “Contrasts” series that features another recognizable and popular duo in Zootopia fanfiction: the smooth, resourceful Jack Savage and the enigmatic, alluring vixen Skye. In a tale brimming with excitement and intrigue, Jack is thrust back into his old life of espionage when a mammal from a mission gone wrong appears out of the blue. Featuring intense action sequences, well-detailed moments of peril, and another dazzling romance that emerges between a fox and a rabbit, this work will have your blood pumping and heart racing with its energy and passion. – DrummerMax64

Author: tarienn

Description :
We all saw the conflicts within Zootopia, but what darkness lurks in the rest of the world? Special Agent Jack Savage knows all too well the horrors that threaten Zootopia from outside. But he is not the mammal he once was. A mysterious vixen from his past forces to light the darkness within; now he faces his greatest enemy, himself. Watch the skies, Wilde. SavageSkye

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