Story: Fox on the Run

Art by: IttyBittyKittyTittys

[Rating T13][Mystery][Suspense]

I literally gripped the edge of my laptop as I read Johnsoneer’s mystery/suspense story, “Fox on the Run.” The story sees Nick disappear under mysterious circumstances, and with a threat looming over Zootopia, Judy and a few of her trusted allies at ZPD must race against time and the ZBI to find him. The pacing is spot-on, with the perfect hints of tension that keep you engaged and guessing as to what will happen next. Beyond that, you also gain fascinating glimpses into other members of ZPD’s finest, as Johnsoneer builds out the characters piece-by-piece while weaving them effortlessly into the taut mystery Judy and company are unraveling. Overall, “Fox on the Run” is a riveting tale that will leave you questioning just how much Judy really knows about the officers she admires and the fox she loves. – Euphonemes

Author: Johnsoneer

Description :
Nick has vanished, and for some reason the ZBI are after him. One thing that is clear is that Nick has been keeping many secrets from his partner. Judy has a choice: to help him or help bring him in. Either way, she needs to catch him first.

Fox on the Run
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  1. Definitely a worth story to look into; only problem with it right now is the stinking cliffhanger the last chapter was left on…

    • Don't worry about that. It got updated today, and it's an every-Sunday update. Won't spoil it, and it's not a very long chapter, but finally things are on the move.

  2. Definitely one of the tensest stories I've read in a while. Well worth the read and I hope we're not left hanging for long.

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