Story: Prosthenisis

Art by: WarWolf

[Rating M16][Science-Fiction][Mystery][Drama][Complete]

This story was a lot of fun to read! It follows the plot of Zootopia where it needs to, and deviates where appropriate. Nothing feels forced and the sci-fi world is seamlessly integrated. Also, Judy as an eager and green android works really well, better than it has any business working. Since Judy is the topic of the discrimination, having Nick as the primary voice works to keep it balanced. – Mordecai

Author: The Inktree

Description :
What starts as a re-telling of the film in a science fiction setting grows into much more. The story turns many of the elements of the film on their head, with androids replacing predators as the feared group. A mostly-flesh Nick teams up with an entirely-android Judy to crack the biggest case the solar system’s ever seen. Did I mention Judy is also a sentient ship?


Additional Tags: Ever been attracted to a spaceship before? Nick has.