Art of the Day #109- Gazelle Special!

Dry Everything by Dendropsyche
Source [1]

Recently, ZNN received a rather unusual phone call from the ZPD. An Officer Benjamin Clawhauser told us that they had been tracking a case involving the pop star Gazelle, and that these photos were to be released to the public upon the case’s conclusion. His interest in seeing these shared was borderline unprofessional. but I didn’t mind.

So, for all of you gossip fiends who get a kick out of the lives of celebrities, here’s 25 pictures of Gazelle out and about in her daily life! I am a little worried about the legality of these photos, (and I’m pretty sure some of them were doodles from one of Officer Clawhauser’s daydreams) but considering they came from the cops, it can’t be that bad, right? …right?

Get your art after the break!

You Filled Your Heart With Love by Xenokobra
Source [2]

Zootopia Gazelle by domino626
Source [3]

Gazelle as your coach! by coDDRy
Source [4]

Request: Kaa and Gazelle by Majinie
Source [5]

DisneyLOG by ぽん酢
Source [6]

Gazelle collab by XPlaysX
Source [7]

Gazelle on a Swing by Tsaenoa
Source [8]

ずとぴあえ5※円盤ネタバレ by 赤マフラー大和
Source [9]

ずとぴあえ5※円盤ネタバレ by 赤マフラー大和
Source [10]

ズトピDVDカウントダウンログ by 瑠宝(シオ)
Source [11]

Twitterログ② by 侑加
Source [12]

《尼克博士》第三話前編插圖:換裝完畢! by 绅士兔兰陵柳
Source [13]

Twitterログ by 侑加
Source [14]

ガゼルXフィニック? by TragoBear
Source [15]

ディズニーログ by 井口病院
Source [16]

I Messed Up Tonight by Code-Shark
Source [17]

Gazelle cowgirl by byzance123
Source [18]

[Title Unknown] by ポキ助
Source [19]

Gazelle by rworomeo
Source [20]

[Title Unknown] by 夢乃途
Source [21]

Zootopia-gazel wearing hanbok by @00obsidian00
Source [22]

[Title Unknown] by 荒磯
Source [23]

Gazelle Sweater by artbirchly
Source [24]

Gazelle! by gargolazo
Source [25]


  1. You know what'd make all of these even better? Doughnuts.

    Like t̶h̶e̶ ̶G̶o̶d̶d̶e̶s̶s̶ Gazelle holding a box of doughnuts out to the viewer. While dancing seductively. Maybe throwing them a wink or two.
    Or, like, Gazelle jumping out of a giant cream-filled doughnut like it was a birthday cake. And she's wearing a swimsuit. Of doughnuts- like, actual doughnuts.

    Gazelle in a doughnut swimsuit, jumping out of a giant doughnut, giving a box of doughnuts to the birthday c̶h̶e̶e̶t̶a̶h̶ boy. Now wouldn't that be real novel?

    Also, I personally don't think officer Clawhauser's stance was the least bit unprofessional. It is vital that the media readily comply with ZPD directives and I'm sure there was legitimate reason he wished to see these pictures shared with the public and I can't seem to understand what your problem is ANDY GOD

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