Zootopia Recipes: Lemonade and Donuts!

What’s that you say? Folks are making their own recipes based off of popular moments or concepts from Zootopia? Heck yeah they are! Granted these are simple recipes and nothing complicated — most of us could probably whip these up ourselves with minimal effort or cooking know-how, that’s how amazingly accessible these recipes are! Check out the links for each recipe after the break!

The first recipe on the cutting board is the Big Donut recipe which isn’t exactly a donut, per sey, but actually a bundt/round cake decorated to look like the one from the movie. For extra bonus points, one could ditch the pre-fabbed cake mix and create the batter from scratch!

Next up on the recipe block is Night Howler lemonade. Nothing too fancy with this recipe, just a mix of pre-made lemonade with some blue food dye. However, if you’re natural like me, you can find organic food coloring to achieve the same effect and create the lemonade from water, lemon juice and boiled sugar turned liquid and it’ll taste just as good, if not better! We guarantee it’s 100{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} safe and won’t turn you savage!

Sure these recipes may be simple and easy to make, but these are great building blocks and I hope the community comes up with even more creative and complex cooking ideas to pull from our favorite movie, Zootopia! Click the links and happy baking/mixing!

Big Donut Recipe
Night Howler Lemonade Recipe

ZNN is not liable for any cases of savagery that emerge from drinking this lemonade.  If you have questions or concerns that a mammal who drank it did go savage, please call the ZPD and consult with your doctor immediately. (or call Andy Lagopus)