Story: A Reynard’s Remorse

Art by: Meka2201

[Rating M16][Drama][Romance][Humor][Angst][Complete]

A gut-wrenching and affecting story that puts our fox and bunny, especially Nick, through the wringer as they deal with aftermath of a tragedy that occurs while on the job. A hostage negotiation gone wrong causes him to fall into a deep state of despair and anguish as he tries to cope with the events he witnessed, all while trying to begin a relationship with Judy. Proficiently combining splices of humor and fluff with moments of sorrow and regret, Lothar Hex takes us on an emotional ride fraught with grief as Nick attempts to stop blaming himself for what occurred and undergoes the long process of healing and treatment with Judy by his side. The question is, will he succeed? – DrummerMax64

Author: Lothar Hex

Description :
Nick has been trying to let Judy know his feelings, but never worked up the courage. The sudden reappearance of an old friend at a hostage situation and the subsequent fallout leaves a dark burden on him that he struggles to escape.

A Reynard’s Remorse
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  1. I'm not sure how to feel about this story so far. When the focus is on Nick's possible PTSD it's great, but the WildeHopps writing is kind of so so. A lot of their development is glossed over really quickly and some of the more suggestive scenes feel tonally out of place to me, though exactly why I couldn't say just yet. Need to finish the fic at some point

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