/r/Zootopia is the official Subreddit of the Day!

Every day, a huge community on reddit will feature a “Subreddit of the Day”, highlighting a popular subreddit of some sort.  Well, today is our lucky day, because /r/Zootopia got featured!

The post highlights some of the awesome stuff that’s come out of /r/Zootopia, including the Wagging Detail series, the Science Discussion Thread, and the Fanfiction threads.  They also gave ZNN a shoutout, highlighting our Ultimate Thank You Card Project!

It may not be much, but we did get this nice mug!

Feels good to be appreciated.

You can find the full post on /r/subredditoftheday!  And again, congratulations!  It’s awesome to see the fandom get some recognition like this, even if it’s small.


    • That's… honestly kind of shocking, but thank you so much for letting us know! It's a relief to see that at least he's not dead or kidnapped or anything like that. I was getting seriously worried about him.

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