Translated Comic: Perfecto (by A.S. Estrada)

ZNN used to be known for our original translations of foreign comics into English.  We loved being able to share the work of artists from around the world in a way that our audience can understand. We liked it, you liked it, the artists liked it, everyone liked it!

However, we took a big hit when we lost LMAbacus, our main Japanese translator.  And in this sense, I don’t mean “lost” as in “fired” or “quit”, I mean it like “missing mammals”.  We genuinely have no idea where he is, and all attempts to contact him so far have been in vain.  If anyone has any clue to his whereabouts, please let us know, we’ve been searching for him for months.

Still, we’re doing what we can to move past this roadblock, and we are pleased to release our first translated comic in several months!  It’s a short, sweet little comic that takes place right before Nick’s graduation at the end of the movie, and I guarantee it’ll warm your heart a little.

This comic comes to us from A.S. Estrada, the translation was done by MegaTred, and the editing was done by yours truly, Andy Lagopus!  Keep in mind my handwriting isn’t the best, so I’m just going to apologize now and get it over with.

Check out the original comic over on Tumblr, and get the translated version after the break!


  1. DO you have their real name or an emergency contact? Cause if they've been gone this long there's only a few options as to where he could be, and rude as it sounds I hope their just really mad at a fellow crew member.

    • Nope, afraid we don't. That's why we didn't mention it for this long. But if anyone else has heard anything of LMAbacus, or if he checks out the site, I hope he gets back in contact with us.

  2. I love how she only does his tie up part way into his open collar and declares it "perfect." There's a lot behind that tiny little gesture. It's a huge affirmation of him, and it shows that she both knows and understands him.

    Sweet comic 🙂

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