ZNN Spotlight #4 Sprinkah

Greetings ZNN readers!

I’m Sendrax, ZNN shrew, and I’m here to bring the spotlight onto another great artist of this amazing fandom. Today, we have an artist that, in my humble opinion, shows how a style can be developed by mixing the canon aesthetic of Zootopia with a pretty unique personal touch that can be different from all the others.
Today the spotlight lands on….
Sprinkah doesn’t have a large collection of Zootopia art, but it is the quality of every piece that shines instead. The color palette he uses resembles much of real life; the long background as an artist is unquestionable. You just need to take a look at the sketches he does to appreciate how strong his brush strokes are, as they easily transmit the feeling and intention that the artist is looking for with few lines.
Sprinkah’s most notorious work is definitely the comic “This Is What True Love Looks Like”, which is evidence of the evolution of his style. The comic shows us an interesting scenario where Judy is pregnant… but no, Nick is not involved like that, though he is definitely going to take on a big role in how Judy goes through this BIG change in her life.
Sure, the comic is still ongoing, but wait patiently, it’s worth every minute of your time.
Check out more of Sprinkah’s work on their blog or after the break.

                                                                     Ride In The Night