Art of the Day #208

Drawing Judy by likime Source [1] A little speedpaint GIF, a drawing of Judy drawing her weapon. (Do ya feel lucky, punk?)  She’s got her flashlight at the ready, too; looks like our intrepid bunny cop is preparing to move […]


Art of the Day #206

Bootleg Weasel by Habiyeru Source [1] Uh oh, it looks like Duke Weselton — er, I mean Weaselton — is at it again, and now he’s dealing in bootleg blu-ray, with even more discs added to his inventory.. Mind you, […]


Art of the Day #201

gazelle by SmellyVampireBoy Source [1] Who’s up for a little art deco? Here we have a wallpaper motif featuring Gazelle and her four tigers. (Makes a nice desktop, wouldn’t you say?) Hold onto your tails, folks, ’cause here comes another random […]


Art of the Day,The Big #200

Zootopia’s Finest (by artbirchly) by artbirchly Source [1] Hello, everyone, and welcome to our 200th Art of the Day post! In honor of the occasion, we have asked our staff to submit some of their favorite pieces of Zootopia fanart. […]

Art of the day

Art of the Day #198

Walkin’ the Beat by S1M Source [1] If you look at the background of this pic, you’ll notice it’s a nod to a very famous piece of artwork, Nighthawks by Edward Hopper (Google it!) But what is Judy saying to […]


Happy Birthday, Rich Moore!

Happu Birthday by @ByronPHoward Source [1] Hey, gang! It’s Zootopia co-director Rich Moore’s birthday. And so, without further ado… ♪”Happy Birthday to you You belong in a Zoo(topia) You talk like a rogue sheep… “♫ Doug-phone02 by @DisneyArts Source [2] […]


Art of the Day #197

Judy the hustler (by JoenSo) by JoenSo Source [1] I’m like 90{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} certain that Judy would have tried on Nick’s tacky shirts at some point, especially if their relationship goes beyond being just friends.  All things said, though, that looks […]


Art of the Day #196: Yakity Yax

mystic_springs_oasis_by_monoflax by MonoFlax Source [1] “Whoa, I’m gonna have to hit the ‘paws’ button right there, because we’re all good on bunny-scout cookies.” With that line we were introduced to the character of Yax, host of Mystic Springs Oasis; A […]


Art of the Day #195 Random

today_s_drawing__5_by_zootopia_judyhopps-da1zn0q by Zootopia-JudyHopps Source [1] Art of the Day Random #195 What the title says, some random pics Get your art after the break! 56821628_p0 by ぎどら Source [2] today_s_drawing__12_by_zootopia_judyhopps-da23chz by Namwhan-K Source [3] Zootopia by Tragobear by Tragobear Source […]


Art of the Day # 194: Let’s Dance

Put on your red fur and dance the blues! let_s_dance_by_ganym0-d9tlk8f by Ganym0 Source [1] The film Zootopia featured exactly one brief dance scene, Gazelle’s concert performance, at the end, while the credits were rolling.   The Angel with Horns did more […]