Special Art of the Day #242: Young Nick and Judy

Never Ignore Your Inner Child by Pomikon
Source [1]

The first time we met Judy Hopps she was only about 8 years old, performing a talent show skit worthy of George (night of the Living Dead) Romero. Later, in a heart-wrenching flashback sequence we were afforded a glimpse into life of the young Nick Wilde.

And yet…as the pics collected here amply demonstrate, the majority of the fan-art dedicated to young Nick and Judy goes back to the happier times of their childhood.

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“I’m going to be…a Police Officer!”

Young Judy by celtycki
Source [2]
Like all kids her age, Judy Hopps enjoyed playing dress-up.
Here she is as a sailor

Sailor Judy by electoons
Source [3]
And as a hula dancer

Doodle Party 2 (Detail) by NekoStar
Source [4]
Hanging with two of the Disney Classic Characters

Little Judy meets Chip and Dale by @kurokuma824
Source [5]
Some sketches of Judy, together with one of her young friend Sharla, the black sheep from the talent show, (the one who wanted to become an astronaut.)  
I’m not certain if that’s Sharla or her mom over on the far right, but it’s a nice pic anyway.  

Scribbles Zootopia Kids by d-sketch3r
Source [6]
Even Judy Hopps’ childhood had its sad moments

Little Judy by Krrrozjabrra by Krrrokozjabrra
Source [7]
The great confrontation.

Judy Hopps and Gideon Grey by DocRat
Source [8]

Life begins for Nicholas Piberius Wilde

Zootopia – Welcome by Shadeink
Source [9]
Baby foxes grow up fast, don’t they?

Boy Nick by taylorillustrated
Source [10]

Young Nick Wild by eighthsun
Source [11]

This picture is actually a crossover, little Nick as Russell, the kid from Disney/Pixar’s Up

Helpful by steampoweredfox
Source [12]
Hmmmm, mebbe wanting to join the Junior Ranger Scouts wasn’t such a great idea after all, Nick.  This will not end well. 
(Note the pics of Byron Howard and Rich Moore on the merit badges.)

Wilderness Training by wolfjedisamuel
Source [13]
Nothing like getting out of the city for a day

Young Nick Wilde by Alluis
Source [14]

Broken Dreams by Silverfox5213
Source [15]
Sorry had to include at least one pic of little Nick muzzled

Why? by Swift_Fox
Source [16]
How we WISH it had gone.
“Okay guys, put that thing on me now!”

Zootopia – Young Nick Wilde by Sa-Dui
Source [17]
There’s always tomorrow.

Zootopia – Lttle Nick! by Fred Vegerano
Source [18]
Little Nick’s first hustle.
“Who will be the first to try to outwit me?  This is not a game of chance; this is a game of science and memory.”

Lil Con Fox by silverfox5213
Source [19]
We see a lot of pics of Nick and Judy as kids, with Nick in his Ranger-scout uniform and Judy in her bunny-cop outfit.  As any number of folks have pointed out, this isn’t possible, given their age difference.  Here’s one that gets it right.  Judy at age 9 meets Nick at age 17. 

Commission by Francesca-ictbs
Source [20]

Continuing with the theme of the previous pic, here’s another one that gets the age difference right.  Ranger Scout Nick meets baby Judy.   

Little Nick Baby Judy by Kurokuma884
Source [21]
Progressive timeline pic of Nick Wilde age one thru adult  (Looks like he had some attitude issues when he was 16, doesn’t he?) 

Timeline – Nick Wilde by Frava8
Source [22]
It’s harder than heck to find pictures of Nick Wilde from the years between his Ranger-Scout days and adulthood.  Here’s one of him in Middle School    

Middle-School Nick by mistermead
Source [23]
Another progressive timeline shot, this one of Judy Hopps.  (Note the braces in image number three; that just makes this pic.)

Timeline – Judy Hopps by Frava8
Source [24]

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