Art of the Day #244: Parking Duty

Judy by dogsama
Source [1]

Wellll, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. And no one does it better, or with more aplomb, than Officer Judy Hopps. (With come occasional help from Nick Wilde.)

Here we present a collection of Zootopia Fan-Art dedicated to Meter-Maid Judy and Parking-Fox Nick Wilde

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists your appreciation by clicking on the source-links.

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Judy going for a new record, 300 tickets before noon.

Back to traffic control? by hyenatig
Source [2]
“Yeah, yeah, tell it to the judge.”

Ticket by teamwiwik
Source [3]
Hmmmm, looks like Judy’s about to issue a traffic citation to a member of Zootopia’s rodent community.

MOAR JUDY #2: Everyday Duties by dirdasht
Source [4]
Just cruisin’.

Judy Hopps by restingbeeface
Source [5]
Another one bites the dust.

Just the Ticket by SaffronPanther
Source [6]
How many, so far?

315 /365 metermaid by snatti89
Source [7]
So then Finnick says, “You call me ‘Mini-Me’ one more time…!” 

Zoootopia I Can Explain by weischede
Source [8]
Well Nick, you know what they say, if you acn’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Violation Ticket by ahiru621
Source [9]

And now we present a series of pics showing Nick and Judy in their Meter-Mobile.


“Do I know that?  Yes, yes I do.”

Try Everything: ZPD Meter Maid by lieu-momill
Source [10]
Hey turn the lights and siren on, if you’re gonna do that, guys.

Anime 2 by doreamonbasil
Source [11]
And this is only for a jaywalking citation!

Hot Fuzz by neverjay
Source [12]
When first they met, it took Nick a little while to get used to the way Judy drives.

Nick and Judy by phewfus
Source [13]
But he got it dialed in eventually

Zootopia by risachantag
Source [14]
Mind you, if you’re going to drive like that Judy, perhaps you should have something a wee bit more suitable.

Meter Maid by akella333
Source [15]

Untitled 1 by rikuo
Source [16]
Keeping their eyes peeled.

Parking Duty by @ahiru621
Source [17]
Mind you a meter-maid doesn’t only hand out tickets for parking violations.

Zootopia Tourists by leafdubois
Source [18]
Even parking duty has its hazards, such as the occasional driver with a bad case of road rage.

what’s your plan now? by khub1
Source [19]
Of course, Nick and Judy aren’t the only ZPD cops who end up on parking duty now and then.

Parking duty by Corgi
Source [20]
Last, but not least, we present a series of Zootopia Parking Duty crossover pics.
Mad Max

Furry Road by zootopiasubject
Source [21]

Mmmmmm, that was thirty seconds over! by bmar896
Source [22]
Gotta have one with Vanellope from Wreck-Ralph

Vanellope get a speeding ticket by ninpeachlover
Source [23]
Dr. Who

Wrong parking by ka-ren
Source [24]
And let us not forget the Fab Four

Lovely Judy Meter Maid by robertfiddler
Source [25]
Until next time…


  1. Wrong parking by ka-ren… NICK:: Here's one for the books, Carrots. That ticket was written by hoof and issued by Patrolmammal Bogo in 1996… and the ink is still fresh. What do you think it means?

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