Art of the Day #249

Emperor Judy Hopps of Zootopai by Kendall Collins
Source [1]

There’s been a lot of Zootopia fan-art over the years that makes reference to obscure subjects, but this one really gets out there. It shows Judy as Emperor Norton I, an eccentric character from San Francisco’s Barbary Coast days, who in 1859 proclaimed himself “Norton I, Emperor of the United States”. He later assumed the secondary title of “Protector of Mexico.” Norton who had suffered a breakdown following failed business venture, was actually a much beloved figure in old San Francisco. (The local stores even honored his scrip.)    Much later his name–and his-face–became the emblem of a line of sourdough snacks.

And so by decree of Judy I, emperor of Zootopia and Protector of Bunnyburrow, we do solemnly declare this collection of artwork open. And further command all citizens forthwith to show the original artists some respect by clicking on the source-links.

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Gary and Larry at China by jojolanern2000
Source [2]

Ice Them by disneycow82
Source [3]

Larry and Gary Zootopia by liogoexe03
Source [4]

mayor lionheart by vintageblonde
Source [5]

Sleepy by charlesbarking
Source [6]

Smell you later, fluff! by stealthcat15
Source [7]

Surprise Hugs by charlesbarkingt
Source [8]

Unknown by foxefuel
Source [9]

Now, some WildeHopps by foxefuel
Source [10]

Animation “Zootopia”- “Judy hopps” Fan Art by BARA Art
Source [11]

On patrol together, Zootopia by WhisperingPhantom101
Source [12]

Sir Gideon and Gifre by 6SpiritKing
Source [13]

Ear Hats by johnmigle
Source [14]

Movie Night! by yitexity
Source [15]

Not Alone by drawerlous-drawe
Source [16]

Flip of a Switch by tome-L0ck
Source [17]

Zootopia by romanrazor
Source [18]

Sleep of the Righteous by kayastoneford
Source [19]

Colored InterSchminter 3-10 by stormspike
Source [20]

Judy Hopps – Enjoying the Summer Breeze by hynael
Source [21]

TRAVEL by @siserincce
Source [22]

Zootopia Dressup by jackorjohn
Source [23]

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