Special Art of the Day #262: Larry and Gary

Those wolves are soooo CUTE by Takamoto by takemotoarashi
Source [1]

Larry and Gary, the two wolves who snatched Mr. Manchas out for under Nick and Judy’s nose, Later on, they tried to hunt down our intrepid fox and bunny after a call from Judy’s folks alerted Dr. Honeybadger to the presence of intruders. in the Cliffside Lab.

However, the scene they’re most famous for is this one: 

And so we present a collection of Zootopia Fanart dedicated to everyone’s favorite lupine miscreants. Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

(And please don’t start a howl.)

Get your art after the break!

He Has a Name by Takamoto by takemotoarashi
Source [2]

Zootopia – Gary’s Tickling Nose by Weischede
Source [3]

Zootopia Moon Moons by silverfox5213
Source [4]

Gary and Larry by Sunnynoga by sunnynoga
Source [5]

A Brand New Day by Takemoto by takemotoarashi
Source [6]

Larry the Wolf request by sly-salamander
Source [7]

NO NAME by Takemoto by takemotoarashi
Source [8]

Larry (Disney) by yoshiknight2
Source [9]

[fanart] Larry and Gary by 7THeaven
Source [10]

Larry (Zootopia) by hayato-osayama
Source [11]

Larry & Gary from Zootopia by @ritwells
Source [12]

Larry by xvrox
Source [13]

Gary Funko POP by DL2288 by Chicobo
Source [14]

Zootopia Wolves and painting studies by Chicobo
Source [15]

Midnight Sketchies – Gary by raigekiexe
Source [16]

Gary and Lary as the Ghostbusters by fairytalesartists
Source [17]

Zootopia Gary and Larry by hasegawa:yu
Source [18]

Gary and Larry – Zootopia by tykira
Source [19]

tumblr_o7zb6bcLDS1teftymo1_1280 by jsdchamp99
Source [20]

Inktober 11 Larry and Gary by eapingeagle
Source [21]

Larry_Zootopia by Mirairai
Source [22]

Gary by Corgi
Source [23]

You’re Gonna Start a Howl by retehi
Source [24]

イヌ科 by zabu by zabu
Source [25]

Night Howler by Goblinight
Source [26]

Gary & Larry by @MasaBowser
Source [27]

[Fanart] So Hold Me Tight v2 by 7THeaven
Source [28]

You’ll Start a Howl – Gary’s POV
Source [29]

Hey, I thought we told you NOT to start a howl!

Shut Up!! by aquilas
Source [30]
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