Special Art of the Day #263: Zootopia -The Roaring 20’s

Stylized Zootopia by aca-draw
Source [1]

Cue the music, Maestro

The 1920s, flappers, gangsters,and prohibition; it was the era that saw the birth of flagpole-sitting, barnstorming, and speakeasies. Before the decade was out an Italian immigrant named Charles Ponzi would give his name to one of history’s greatest hustles, and a former airmail pilot named Charles Lindbergh, would complete the most legendary solo flight of all time.

Here then is a collection of Zootopia Fanart, dedicated to those bygone days.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

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Early concept drawing of Mr. Big as a 20’s era gangster.

Early Mr. Big Concept by Cory Loftis
Source [2]
Nick and Judy dressed up as 1920’s gangsters for Hallowe’en.

Gansters of Zootopia by amberlina-cha
Source [3]

Baccano Zootopai by richardah
Source [4]
Nick goes for some bootleg hooch
“Trust me Carrots, I can handle the stuff.”
“The last time you said that, you ended up singing on top of a flagpole–NAKED!”

Giggle Water by yelnatst
Source [5]
Judy looks good as a flapper, doesn’t she?

Flapper Judy by yelnats
Source [6]
So does Gazelle.

A Flapper and her Gangster by Houndpool
Source [7]
All right, hold it; this is going too far!

Nickie the Moocher by fanartiguess
Source [8]
Finnick as a bootlegger.
“…and stop calling me ‘Newsie!’

Bootlegger by yelnats
Source [9]
As an enforcer.

Gangster Finnick by thatotherwhaleoil
Source [10]
“Nick you’re getting so you can dish it out, but you just can’t take it any more.”
 — Paraphrasing Edward G. Robinson in Little Caesar

Little Gangster by yelnats
Source [11]
Every good gangster needs a moll

Next to I love you by yelnats
Source [12]
“Stick with me kid, I’ll take you right to the top.”

She and Him by yelnats
Source [13]

All I see are wings by yelnats
Source [14]
Yeah, it figures THIS guy would be a hoodlum.

Gangster Weez by @Rastoons
Source [15]
But Nick and Judy are ready for him.

Gangster Nick and Judy by Random-Bard
Source [16]
Seriously ready; that’s a B.A.R. Judy’s carrying.

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps Gangstas by sword-of-akasha
Source [17]
This picture always calls to mind the opening verse from Another One Bites the Dust by Queen

Let’s wrap this up (Zootopia Fanart) by neytrix
Source [18]
Nick as a Hit Fox

Slick Nick’s Slick by eightspartans
Source [19]
And again, a little more serious.

Wilde Gangster by yelnats
Source [20]
Even more serious.

Mafia Nick by thatotherwhaleoil
Source [21]
The most serious of all.
(The quote is from the film, Road to Perdition, starring Tom Hanks and Paul Newman.)

Perdition by fox-drifter
Source [22]
They didn’t call the 1920s The Jazz Age for nothing.

Roaring 20s by raptorchap
Source [23]
Nick and Judy as a pair of 1920s Tax Agents.  Wait, what?  Nick Wilde enforcing tax laws?

Bureau of Prohibiton ft. Zootopia by yelnats
Source [24]
I have no idea as to whether or not the animal to whom Judy is reading the Riot Act is a real species, but this is such a dead-on rendition of a 20s-era police photograph, it had to be included.

z23 by Heni
Source [25]
And so as Nick and Judy prepare to dance the night away at their favorite speakeasy, we bid afond farewell to the Roaring 20s

Zootopia Art Deco by yelnats
Source [26]
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  1. #25 that is a furry species created by someone known as Mick. They are called Sergals and come in two types, Northern and Southern. That's all I know.

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