Special Art of the Day #250: Zootopia Goes Feral

Zootopia Feral Form Nack and Judy by anonim911
Source [1]

Hi all.

We begin this Art of the Day with a clarification. The term ‘Feral’ can mean many things, but for our purposes today we’re going with the artistic definition.

In anthropomorphic art, there are two different types of animal,

A. Anthro. – an animal with a more or less humanoid body that goes about on two legs. (Example: Disney’s Robin Hood)

B. Feral – animals that look more or less like real animals and walk on all fours (Example: Tod, The Fox and the Hound.)

And so today’s collection is dedicated to the animals of Zootopia as feral-form.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to give the artists some love by clicking on the source links.

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Zootopia by rashbedashtmnt
Source [2]

A Bet is a Bet Judy by TheWinterbunny
Source [3]

It’s harder than heck to find feral pics of any members of the Zootopia gang besides Nick and Judy.  Here’s one featuring Benjamin Clawhauser  (Great job, too.  If I didn’t know better, I’d swear this was a piece of concept art.)

Feral Zootopians WIP by dodgyrom
Source [4]

Feral Zootopia01 by feretstudios
Source [5]

Carrot Field by crusierpl
Source [6]
This one looks like it was inspired by the Firefox logo.

Sly Fox, Dumb Bunny by feretstudios
Source [7]
An AU sketch of Nick and his vixen girlfriend Skye, who is purely a platonic friend, with Finnick underfoot.  (No I don’t know her name.) [Editor’s Note: edited for possible heresy… jk enjoy whatever ships you want]

The Foxes by credens-vita
Source [8]

Ppl were going ‘D’awww’ over the pic below from the minute we discovered it .

Nose boop by [danbooru
Source [9]

Nick with a twist by kitchiki
Source [10]

Zootopia – Pals by penmark
Source [11]

The Savage Dark by thewyvernsweaver
Source [12]

Morning by the WinterBunny
Source [13]

Diamonds in the Sky Pt. 1 by TheWinterBunny
Source [14]

Tame Me by Magenta7
Source [15]
Larry and Gary (yes, that’s them) in feral form.

Moonlit Howl by Santanni
Source [16]

Nick Wilde by JazzLioness
Source [17]

A Fox and His Kit by shadeink
Source [18]

Gift by @dogear218
Source [19]

Judy and Nick, Feral Version by thatpsychoraccoon
Source [20]

Boop by dogsport
Source [21]

Where did She Go by dogsport
Source [22]

Feral Finnick by dogsport
Source [23]

To the rescue by dogsport
Source [24]
In the great biological debate, I usually side with the folks who maintain that Nick and Judy would not be able to have kid together.  But this is such a cute pic, I decided to make an exception.

True Feelings Bonus Art by gorkhan 16
Source [25]

It’s You by Qalcove
Source [26]
In the film Zoototpia the characters were, of course, anthro rather than feral–except when one of them was hit by Nighthowler dart, (or pretended to be) as illustrated by the pictures below.

Savage by tory-the-fuzzball
Source [27]
Apologies for the quality but this was the only SFW pic of Mr. Manchas gone savage that I was able to find.

Manchas’s in savage state by romainbowen
Source [28]


  1. After some digging the 8th picture is not Nick with His girlfriend, they are more or less friends, and that female Fox is supposed to be Skye.

    artwork is overall great though

  2. See, the story behind "A Bet Is a Bet" is the absolute worst. As long as you weave a cute story with funny dialogue, you can totally make people forget that it's textbook sexual harassment. Seriously, how about some jokes about drunk driving next?

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