Special Art of the Day #246: More Supers

Zootopia Comics No.1 by Weischede by Weischede
Source [1]

Well folks, it’s been a great year for super-hero movies so far…even with that ending of Infinity War.

And so we present yet another collection of Zootopia-Supers crossovers.  We begin with a Zootopian version of the Action Comics #1 (Where Superman made his debut.)

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the artists some appreciation by clicking on the source-links.

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Well what’s Superman without Batman?

The Dark Rabbit Rises by JackorJohn
Source [2]
Some of the most popular Zootopia-Supers fanart is dedicated to Deadpool.  Here’s Judy as the Merc With A Mouth

Judy Hopps – Deadpool v2 by vicokcart
Source [3]
And also Nick

Dead-topia by wuffy32
Source [4]
Bogo as Colossus is brilliant.

DeadTopia by ijul
Source [5]
Of course, when it comes to dropping wisecracks, Deapool has nothing on this guy.

Nick Wilde – The Mask by thebiggeewhizz
Source [6]

Guess what time it is?

Atomic Wedige–Chief Bogo, Officer Fangmeyer, McHorn by animatedartlover
Source [7]
Next we offer a series of Zootopia X Avengers crossover artwork.
The gang’s all here

Avengers Zootopia Style by Claus Yu
Source [8]
Judy as Cap with Nick as The Winter Soldier

Captain Judy and The Winter Fox by ル一キ一ドリフト
Source [9]
As Hawkeye and The Black Widow

Zoovengers by janjin192
Source [10]
Oh…WISE guy!

Black Panther by des-dogsport
Source [11]
Nick as Dr. Strange

Nick Strange by @swetpot
Source [12]
With Finnick on the side.

Nick and Finnick Wearing Dr. Strange Cloak by master1114
Source [13]

♪ Spider Fox, Spider Fox
Does whatever a spider…a spider… ♫
Oh the heck with it.

Spider Fox by thevillagekinggame
Source [14]
And of course, we must have some Guardians of the Galaxy crossover art.

ZooGuardians of the Galaxy by ziegelzeig
Source [15]
Judy as Gamora

Judy as Gamora from the Guardians of the Galazy by AndrejSKalin
Source [16]
A slightly different take on Nick and Judy as Cap and Iron Man

Nick and Judy LIL Avengers by lordmesa-art
Source [17]
Judy as Storm
Note: there’s actually a ‘furry’ version of the X-Men out there that predates even the first X-Men movie,  The Extinctioners by Shawntae Howard

Storm Judy Hopps by thebemeister
Source [18]
Judy does Wonder Woman

Judy Hopp as Wonder Woman by KendallCollins
Source [19]
And again.  My, such an attitude!

Wonder_Bunny by monoflaxart
Source [20]
We’ve seen plenty of artwork of Flash as The Flash.   Now, here’s a slightly different take on the subject.  Just goes to show that with proper motivation, anything is possible.

Source [21]
Nick as The Arrow

Nick as The Arrow by sunderstruck
Source [22]
Of course there’s no rule saying Nick and Judy  (or Finnick) have to play super-HEROES. 

Batman Villains by ル一キ一ドリフト
Source [23]

Harley Hopps by crewefox
Source [24]
Judge Judy   She IS the law.

Judge Judy by MakerWizard
Source [25]
I find you…GUILTY!

Judge_Judy by xizrax
Source [26]

We close with a series of pics dedicated to some of Disney/Pixar’s home-grown supers.

Judy as Elastigirl

Elastibun by twisted-brit
Source [27]
And as Go-Go from Big Hero 6

GoGo Judy by twisted-brit
Source [28]
Nick Wilde and Darkwing Duck

Team_Up by Darkanine121212
Source [29]
And that’s a wrap, folks.
Until Next Time…


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