Story: The Fire Triangle: Part II – Oxidizer

Art by Merc_Marten

[Rating T13][Crime][Mystery][Suspense][Thriller][Sequel]

If you were to ask everyone what the best Zootopia fanfiction was, they’d all have different answers, but mine would be Merc_Marten’s Fire Triangle saga. And now it carries on in part two, and things are heating up. After the gut-punch finale to part one, Nick and Judy are off on their own separate adventures, all while the threat of a devastating mob war is growing by the second. With fantastic prose, a deep mystery plot, and some of the best worldbuilding, unique characters and dread-inducing villains in the fandom, this fic is setting up to be just as engrossing as the first. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Merc_Marten

Description :
Nick and Judy have gone their separate ways, and the arson attacks plaguing Zootopia have abated. But soon, a new peril will arise, threatening to turn the city into a war-zone, a menace that will quickly become fursonal for Judy Hopps. Nick Wilde, meanwhile, will journey to a distant city in pursuit of an elusive criminal–and find himself face to face with a monstrous power-grab scheme. But, is it already too late to stop it?

The Fire Triangle: Part II – Oxidizer
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Additional Tags: The Wolverine is here. My father’s name was Mister Big, and this is for you! Like buses, you wait ages for sequels to mega-fics, and then two come along.