Video: Top 10 Weirdly Sexualized Cartoon Characters (By: WatchMojo)


Cartoon characters often leave us with indelible memories regardless of how old we are when we see them. They’re certainly designed to be memorable, but you can’t deny that some of them end up being designed in a way that is more “appealing” than others. The kind of appealing that often gets very enthusiastic reactions from other characters, be it “Ooh-la-la”, a heart beating straight out of the chest, or anything in between.

A video by WatchMojo tackles this rather unusual topic head-on by looking at many of the cartoon characters that were clearly designed with a very specific kind of *ahem* “appeal” in mind. You’ll even find a few Zootopia characters in the mix if you watch long enough. Odds are, it’s probably not quite who you were expecting. But then again, you can’t deny that their inclusion makes sense either once you get a good look at them. Check out the video down below and see for yourself.