Story: When Night Falls

Art by Kikis-Art-Journey

[Rating M16][Romance][Crime][Drama][Sequel]

How can you follow up the most popular Zootopia fanfic of all time? How can anything even match up to it? Well, upplet, faced with this daunting task, has risen up to the challenge in style, resuming where the massive ‘When Instinct Falls’ left off with this smooth, slick and sharp sequel. Familiar faces and some brand new ones, all excellently characterised, will appear and launch into new adventures and high-stakes drama, the sins of their pasts weighing heavy on the intriguing plot. ~OH_Shoot

Author: upplet

Description :
Ten months after the events of When Instinct Falls, Nick begins the difficult work of forging a new path. With his eyes on the mayor’s office and Judy at his side, the duo work together to make the world a better place, and navigate a dangerous plot years in the making. Meanwhile, a long kept secret threatens to destroy the peace between Zootopia’s last two great crime families.

When Night Falls
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