Video: Celebrating the Fifth Anniversary of Zootopia With Byron Howard | What’s Up, Disney+


Hey again everybody! Hope you’ve all been riding high on Zootopia’s Fifth Anniversary! (Man, still having a hard time believing it’s really been that long) Anyways, how have you all been celebrating this milestone? Have you been picking up some commemorative Zootopia merch from the Disney Store? Or maybe checking out some of the artwork the fandom’s put together for the celebration? Ooh, or how about checking out the latest interview with the big man himself, Bryon Howard?

Disney was able to bring him in to celebrate Zootopia’s Fifth Anniversary in style, shooting the breeze with Andre Meadows and Jenny Lorenzo on all things Zootopia-related. It may be a short video, but it’s definitely worth a look. Because let’s be honest, more Bryon Howard in our lives is always a good thing.

Be sure to give the video a watch down below. And here’s to many more years of quality Zootopia experiences to come!

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