Art of the Day #528: Snow Day, 2021

Snowbuilders by @fu3wu3li2letail
Source [1]
Hello again, everyone.
Well, as you can probably guess from the title, this week’s Art of the Day collection centers around something many of us would probably like to forget.
Yes, we’re talking about snow – a magical white powder the day it falls from the sky…and then, when it’s been on the ground for three weeks, you catch yourself praying for a heat-wave.
With that in mind, we hope too many people won’t take it as a cue to put a fist through their monitor–when we invite them to enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.
We open with some winter-themed pics of our favorite bunny, Judy Hopps.

Judy by DOF
Source [2]
This piece is kind of rare one; you don’t see many pics of Judy drawn with digitigrade legs.  (I.e. resembling the hind legs of a four footed animal, as opposed to plantigrade or humanoid-type legs.) 

Judy 🐇 by @OtterAnon
Source [3]
And now, some snow-themed pics of Nick Wilde.

Winter Fox by NertonWilliams
Source [4]
“Well Andy, it looks like Nick really muffed the landing on that pounce.”

Nick Wilde in the Snow by @Piberius_w
Source [5]
“Lets look at it again on instant replay.”

Nick Wilde doing fox things by Steampoweredfoxes
Source [6]
“Annnnd just WHAT were you going to do with that snowball, Slick?”
“Ummmm, n-nothing, Carrots.”

Welcome winter by EzequielBR
Source [7]
Whoops, looks like she didn’t believe him.   
And that brings us to our winter gallery of Nick and Judy together.

Gotcha! by 3170615
Source [8]
Word to the wise, Nick…stick to making snowbunnies; it’s safer.

SnowBun by @noko_ume_
Source [9]
Remember…if you’re going to get out in the snow, it pays to bundle up first.

Snow Day by @pyramid_ohm
Source [10]
Ever the gallant fox, Nick always there to help Judy get ready for snow day.

Comforter by @miso_zoo
Source [11]
There’s just no resisting those big, violet eyes.

Help You With That by @monmokamoko
Source [12]
Don’tcha love those bunny- ear warmers?

Just Hug It by @swetpot
Source [13]
There’s nothing like a snow day to get Judy’s enthusiasm rolling.

Winter Wonderland by @moromorowephi
Source [14]
…although sometimes she gets a mite carried away.

Nice, Warm Tail by @oibib
Source [15]
…or even MORE than just a mite.

Cold Ears by yitexity
Source [16]
On a cold, winter’s morning, nothing’s better than a steaming cup of coffee.  Hey Judy, why didn’t you bring one for Nick?

Zootopia judy hopps and nick wilde by zigrock001
Source [17]
There ya go!

Winter Vibes by @AlexTheWoof
Source [18]
Awww. buck up and have a cup, Nick.

Cuppa Joe by Foxfuel Color by anothercolouranon
Source [19]
Well-l-l, we can’t really blame him for being a little grumpy, folks.  A snow day is never a fun day for a police officer.

Snow~ Snow~ by oLEEDUEOLo
Source [20]
How about a couple of retro-style pics, showing Nick and Judy in the snow?

The Unlikely Heir (Commission) by yelnatsdraws
Source [21]
Nick looks dashing with a pipe, doesn’t he? (And we just LOVE Judy’s outfit!)

Winter Fashions by @jinial_
Source [22]
A snow day can be great time for romance…as this collection of Winter-WildeHopps pics clearly demonstrates.

Snowfall by @stm8856
Source [23]
When you share ‘that’ look…

Happy Winter by Miley
Source [24]
This pic is,…just…plain…amazing!

Stand By You by CPKon
Source [25]
Sometimes, the best way to enjoy a winter romance is from the IN-side.

Tea at Sunset by ahappypichu-mod
Source [26]
We continue with some snow-themed, winter-sports pics.
Well?  We TOLD you Judy sometimes lets her enthusiasm get the better of her.  Look out for those rocks, guys!

Nick and Judy Go Sledding by もつこ
Source [27]
Here’s our favorite fox and bunny going snowboarding together…along with Fru-Fru and her daughter, little Judy.

Snowboarding by @hb_runo
Source [28]
And here’s our favorite fox and bunny, going skating together.

Skating in a roof of some of a Zootopia mall by Fuzzywuzzylittletail
Source [29]
And here’s a skating pic featuring Zootopia’s second fox and bunny couple.  And that brings us to some winter pics including some of the other members of the Zootopia gang

rt if you can’t ice skate by @afruitvegetable
Source [30]
Here’s one with Finnick.

Tease by Wulf_Wargan
Source [31]
And another one, with Skye in the background.

It’s Winter Time With The Crew by theblueberrycarrots
Source [32]
And a crossover pic; Nick and Judy hanging out in the snow, together with Grace from Home on the Range.  

Fun in the Snow by Disneycow82
Source [33]
And finally…
This image is a pic from the 2019 Inktober challenge.
LITTLE did we know back then…

D11-Snow by @aureldrawsstuff
Source [34]
Until next time…

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