Art of the Day #406: Video Zootopia

TV by Happy-Dino
Source [1]

Alas, poor Nick; 57 Channels and Nothin’ On.

Whether it’s watching movies, streaming original content, or playing video games, TV is an integral part of our culture–and no doubt the culture of Zootopia as well.  (Next to a movie sequel, the big wish on everyone’s mind is for a Zootopia television series.)

In that vein, today’s collection revolves around the Zootopa gang’s various interactions with wonderful world of television.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the orginal artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


The only TV we actually saw in Zootopia was the ZNN Newscasts…featuring different co-anchors in different countries.)
(We’re not counting Judy’s press conference, as that was shown live.)

Zootopia Easter Eggs Newscaster_ by doraemonbasil
Source [2]

There was, however, going to be a small TV bit in the ‘Shock Collar’ version of Zootopia; that fine old chestnut of the fugitive, who sees himself on a news broadcast.

Not just some guy who doesn’t want to go to jail by aqvilarostrvm
Source [3]

Nick watching TV in his Pj’s

Litle Nick Saturday by tggeko
Source [4]

…and now
(…although he always struck me as the kind of fox who would prefer to drink a nightcap, rather than wear one.)

Nick Watches TV by UnknownArtist
Source [5]

We continue with a collection of images entitled, Movie Night, with Nick and Judy.

Hanging Out After Work by Happy-Dino
Source [6]

Judy x Nick | Movie timeee! 😀 by Bloodycaat
Source [7]

Yeah, they eat while watching TV; don’t you eat while watching TV?

Sashimi by ちゃな
Source [8]

MovieNite by @shio_mikann
Source [9]

Scary Movie Night…

Horror movie night by Lucky13spirits
Source [10]

…the expectation…

Movie Night In Zootopia by Masahikoko
Source [11]

… and the reality.

Scary Movie Night by nduli
Source [12]

But then who needs TV anyway, when ya got each other?

Movie Night! by yitexity
Source [13]

TV Night by Mancoin
Source [14]

Other Affairs by iPoke
Source [15]

Ahhh, there’s just some folks who can’t handle a binge-watch.

Movie Night by Kayla-NA
Source [16]

And even for those who can, there’s the inevitable post-binge crash.

After the TV Night by @iauohs
Source [17]

We move on to a related subject; Nick and Judy watching TV, together with some of the other Zootopia folks.

I am guessing that girl in Judy’s lap is one of her sisters.

watching a movie. by sprinkah
Source [18]

Ahhhh, there’s always that one guy who won’t shut up, while you’re trying to enjoy a program or a movie.

Hanging Out by TheDarkShadow1990
Source [19]

Home Theater by Yohiri
Source [20]

Of course, when you’re watching sports on television, NOBODY keeps quiet.

Zootopia : Football connect us together ! by doraemonbasil
Source [21]

Now, WHICH cartoon do ya suppose they’re watching?
(Look at how they’re dressed.)

Saurday Morning Cartoons by anothercolouranon
Source [22]

And of course, no home entertainment system is complete without a gaming console.

TV Game Thing by Rockhoppr3
Source [23]

comic317 by FletchESketch
Source [24]

Soooo, what did you bet on this game. fox?

Gamers by Mshkaa
Source [25]

Nick playing videogames;

17 year old Nick, 2001 by RelaxableFur
Source [26]

…and now.

Save Some for me by judy-hoppswilde
Source [27]

And finally, always remember…what makes for a REALLY scary movie night is not what you watch, but who you watch it with.

Movie Night by Wulfruna
Source [28]

Until next time…we leave you with the musical thought from the ’80’s.


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