Comic: Housepet Comics – Try Everything (by: Rick Griffin)


Halloween, it’s a very unique time of year. A time when that old Zootopia adage ‘Anyone can be anything’ takes on a bit more of a literal meaning. 

It’s a time when you have the freedom to be just about anything, only your imagination is the limit. You could even be Judy and Nick, as Housepets! very own Peanut and Grape decided to do.

Hmm? What’s that? It’s not Halloween? Oh, OK, this might be a tad out of season, then, but if Gazelle has taught us anything, it’s that there’s nothing wrong with trying something new.

Never seen Housepets! before? Well, what better introduction than reading on as Peanut and Grape get into some Halloween shenanigans while dressed up as our favorite bunny and fox duo? Head on over to the Housepets! site and check it out!