Wait, We Totally Missed This Zootopia Easter Egg in ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’

Anybody remember Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph? Wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. It’s just a small film released without much fanfare back in November 2018 by some little known auteurs who go by the names of Rich Moore and Phil Johnston.

But seriously, if you know anything about this franchise, then you know it’s absolutely loaded with video game and Disney easter eggs. And of course, Zootopia was no exception to this. In fact, we’ve even covered Zootopia easter eggs in this movie before, from Nick and Judy to even an ice cooler of pawpsicles.

You can probably already guess where I’m going with this. That’s right, thanks to the keen eyes of ZNN’s very own Raphael Luck, we’ve got another Zootopia easter egg to add to the list! And kudos to him, because it’s a literal blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.

See it? Probably not. On top of how brief it is, it can also be pretty difficult to actually discern given everything else going on in this shot.

How about now? Recognize the face? Why yes, it’s none other than Zootopia’s favorite singer/pop star/pred rights activist Gazelle!

You really gotta love the attention to detail that goes into this work. It really is quite impressive how even over a year later, we’re still finding small little details like these!


  1. In the year 2200, Zoo-2-Pia comes out! A sequel made in 2016 by the now mostly forgotten Disney Company, which was almost a century ago absorbed by MegAnimation (A pioneer Interactive Holographic Animation Company founded in 2098 (it absorbed Disney, falling apart through a series of terrible business decisions involving their fourth Star Wars reboot in 2105.)

    MegAnimation, having dug up some old stuff they have the right to decide to reboot Zootopia. Given the advent of the first life extension therapy in the 2050’s, not only are even some older fans of the original movie still alive (Who, being sometimes over two centuries old might still have vague memories of the movie.) but this also makes it highly realistic that Nick and Judy, living in a parallel furry universe, have also found medically granted eternal youth, and now must deal with the fact that the past two centuries or so, even if science allowed them to stay young, it also drastically changed the world around them.

    Judy suffers from existential ennui, after so long a life. And Nick, trying to cheer her up, lest she might stop extending her life and choose to die, decides to take her on a cruise to Proxima Centauri. On the cruise, they get embroiled in a murder mystery involving a robotic ‘anthroid’ who’s mind has been taken over by a virus containing the brainpatterns of the long deceased Dawn Bellwether.

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