Video: 10 Zootopia Fan Theories That Make Total Sense (By TheThings)

Despite being a standalone film, Zootopia has spawned an incredible amount of fan theories over the years.

That’s no less evident than in a video from YouTube channel TheThings, who took it upon themselves to compile 10 of their favorites into this awesome video.

Did some of your headcanons make the list?



  1. The very first one has already been stated inaccurate by Disney; something similar might have happened in Zootopia’s old history, but the films themselves are separate entities entirely. All those human-related are also out (and frankly, rather annoying), as per the stated history of the world by the creators of the film. Humans didn’t happen there, period. I’ve yet to see proof of this supposed corgi either…
    Cats also cannot cross-breed with raccoons. Mating is one thing, but they are separated quite highly on the evolutionary tree. What might happen in an anthropomorphic film universe could differ for various reasons, but real-world such a cross doesn’t, and can’t, happen. They’re actually closer to canines and even seals than they are felines.
    Fan-theories and runaway ideas, sure. Ones that make sense? Maybe two qualified.

  2. The question was “why are there no fish in Zootopia”, then segued to aquatic mammals. The last time I checked, fishes and aquatic mammals are totally different class in the biological taxonomy. smh

    Anyways, if humans merge their genes with mammals, won’t they first focus on humanity’s old friends first, like dogs and cats? And even so, it might be too much a big gap to merge human DNAs with dogs and cats; rather, most plausible alternative would be primates.

    (And, horses did evolve in the Zooniverse: There’s a horse detective in one of the Zootopia games.)

    ((There are no cows though because cows are domesticated animals, just like cats and dogs.))

    I don’t think anyone will then just go out and willy-nilly recombine human DNA and mammal DNA without control. Machines capable of doing that is priced astronomically, and the “production” of new beings will be very slow, and there’s a great big danger of in-breeding if the population is too low.

    Simply put: There are WAY TOO MUCH things that need to be explained following those wild theories — which, for me, does NOT make sense. Occam’s Razor rules!

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