Art of The Day #408: It’s All About The Benjamin (Clawhauser)

Clawhauser by squeeeshie
Source [1]

Oh-Em-Goodness…has it really been that long since we posted a collection dedicated to Zootopia’s #1 doughnut-loving cop?  Well, we’ll just have to remedy that situation.

Benjamin Clawhauser has always been a favorite of both fans and fan artists alike–and it’s easy to see why. First of all, a cheetah is absolutely the last species anyone would expect to go plus-size on you.  And second…well, he’s just flat out hilarious; Nate Torrance who provided his voice once said that his favorite Clawhauser line was, “the murder weapon!”

Comic relief or not, this corpulent cheetah could also tug at your heart strings when the situation called for it. Go watch the scene where he tells Judy that the ZPD is moving him off the front desk and putting him in records. (“It’s downstairs…by the boiler.”) You can almost feel how much he’s hurting.

And so without further ado, we present our latest collection of Benjamin Clawhauser fanart. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


We open with a couple of pics showing Clawhauser as a cub.

Reflection – ClawHauser(2019) by ThankU830309
Source [2]

Here he is with Judy and Bobby Catmull. (the cougar cub who provided the music and sound effects for Judy’s Talent Show skit.)

ズートピア詰め by 井出
Source [3]

Here’s Benjamin as a rookie cop, by the ever-brilliant ASKalin.

Clawhauser in his youth by AndrejSKalin
Source [4]

And here are some images of Clawhauser as he looks today.

Benjamin Clawhauser! by Ben_BC
Source [5]

No Name by cyberamethyst
Source [6]

Benjamin Clawhauser by Yoshiknight2 by Yoshiknight2
Source [7]

See that waggle-thing he’s doing with his fingers?  That’s one of Homer Simpson’s trademark gestures.

Sketchbook – Clawhauser by chris-in-the-abyss
Source [8]

Clawhauser gets his feline on.

Clawhauser zootopia by vertry
Source [9]

Clawhauser 3D Head Bust by Reyriders
Source [10]

Clawhauser sketches by ぎどら
Source [11]

And with that we move on to a series of images show Benjamin schmoozing with his one, true love.  (No, not Gazelle.)

Clawhauser can’t get enough of his favorite comfort food.  When he’s not eating doughnuts…

Clawhauser! by Silverclaw1
Source [12]

…he’s thinking about ’em….

Clawhauser Loves Donuts (by caliosidhe) by caliosidhe
Source [13]

Source [14]

Clawhauser by JamieSquibbles
Source [15]

Benjamin Clawhauser and Sweets by Elveariel
Source [16]

…and even dreaming about ’em,.

Clawhauser’s Big Dream by Yukibenproject
Source [17]

Officer Clawhauser by Happy-Dino
Source [18]

Dilemmas, dilemmas…

When Your Hands Are Full by gamutfeathers
Source [19]

Donut shop by ぎ
Source [20]

Here are three concept drawings showing Clawhauser wearing glasses.
This is how he was slated to appear in the ‘Shock Collar’ version of Zootopia.
(You can see him wearing one in the image at upper right.)
In that incarnation he was not a cop, but rather Nick Wilde’s ‘other’ partner.
(Still loved them doughnuts, though.)

Expressive by Shiyoon Kim
Source [21]

Only Benjamin Clawhauser would try to text and eat doughnuts at the same time.  (No wonder he keeps losing them under his chin.)

Clawhausers by SharpDressedReptile
Source [22]

And here he is again, with a doughnut and a cellphone.  ( Look closely at the float-tube, he’s sitting on.)

Clawhauser in the Pool by MBThomas
Source [23]

Next up, some crossover pics of Benjamin Clawhauser.

Clawhauser and Baymax by THE END
Source [24]

Here he is as Po, from Kung-Fu Panda

“Benjamin Clawhauser / Po” by taigressmix
Source [25]

…and in Overwatch mode.

Clawhauser as Torbjorn by 杯具螺旋丸
Source [26]

Moving right along, we present a series of images, showing Clawhauser hanging with some of the rest of the Zootopia Gang.
(We’re not Including any pics of him and Gazelle; saving those for our Valentine’s Day collection.)

Here he is with Chief Bogo

Bogo x Clawhauser by Ro_Ackbar
Source [27]

…and with some of the other ZPD Officers; there’s Nick and Judy in the background.

Joining the pool (by iPoke) by iPoke
Source [28]

And speaking of Nick and Judy…

MuchiMuchi Clawhauser by inuiookawa
Source [29]

Heeeeeere’s Finnick!

“So there I was, surrounded by 15 savage leopards…”

So, there I was…. by kbmochi
Source [30]

…and there are Jack Savage and Skye.  (The disgruntled vixen on the bench behind them is Nick Wilde’s mom.)

Afternoon Outing by xx-junglebeatz-xx
Source [31]

Here’s a rare one; you hardly ever see Benjamin Clawhauser drawn in feral form.

Feral Zootopians WIP by dodgyrom
Source [32]

And finally….

“Oh dear, did someone dart him with Nighthowler?”
“No, Nick and Judy took the last two maple-bars.”

Savage Clawhauser by sealbeibei
Source [33]

Until next time…