Zootopia Animator Posts Animation Process Video — Including 2D Animation!

Let’s start off the new year right with some more behind-the-scenes content from the creative process of Zootopia, this time from animator David Stodolny.

On Jan. 3, Stodolny uploaded to his Twitter a video showing the multi-step process of animating the film’s scene in which Duke Weaselton is questioned by Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps concerning his involvement in the night howler scandal.

Probably the coolest part about this one is that Stodolny utilizes traditional 2D animation in order to help exact the final look, meaning we get a chance to see Nick, Judy and Weaselton animated in a different style than the eventual 3D outcome.


Stodolny’s work wasn’t just featured in the animation department of Zootopia — he’s also worked in the same capacity on Moana and has multiple credits at Dreamworks Animation prior to his Disney work.