Welcome to Zootopia Art Challenge!

There is a pretty large group of fans in the Facebook community of ‘Welcome to Zootopia!’ They are hosting a cool challenge to artists that you may be interested in and will result in a lot of amazing artwork of our favorite movie! In collaboration with their efforts, we will be promoting their art challenge on our site via this post and the highlights or winners of their challenge will be made into a special themed Art of the Day sometime in the near future! For further information, I’ll simply post the details below, but if you want to access their page directly and perhaps join their group, you can do so here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1668098166783455


On behalf from all the crew from Welcome to Zootopia, we are proud to announce to you the first WELCOME TO ZOOTOPIA’S ARTIST CHALLENGE!

We know you’ve been wondering about a few things lately in the group regarding the activity of the group, so for this 2020 we wanted to bring new light into the group!

This monthly challenge is intended to encourage the awesome creativity of everyone in the group, and an opportunity to show off their talent!

This challenge is brought to you in collab with Zootopia News Network which will be posting updates on the best art their content team selects. So its also an opportunity for people to show their art to the broader Zootopia community and other communities outside the group too!

Without further ado, lets introduce to you the bases for the very first WTZ ARTIST CHALLENGE!:

First Topic: Savage Nick Wilde !!

Rules of the challenge:
1.- Tag your art!!! #WTZArtChallenge
2.- Stay on the topic of the challenge
3.- It has to be a completely original piece
4.- No Nsfw (Not even insinuated)
5.- No foul language
6.- No tracing
7.- You have to sign your art and credit yourself as per the groups guidelines

All artists are encouraged to link their artist pages, blogs or tumblrs.

The first challenge will end on January the 30th

At the end of the challenge we will make a pinned post of the most liked, and some of them will be posted by ZNN on an article in their news website.