And the winners are…

New Year’s by Shade105

Hello ladies and gentlemammals!  Hope you’re all having a wonderful new year.

Now that it’s been about a week since we started the voting for the Christmas Art Contest, it’s time to announce the results!  Remember, the winner gets any piece of zootopia merchandise, on us, while second and third place get funko pops.  Now it’s time to see who won what!

In third place:

Zootopia Christmas, by Ruben Delgado!


In second place:

Comfort and Joy, by FeverWildeHopps!


And finally, in first place…

Mistletoe, by Link6432!


Thank you to everyone who participated!  We’ll be reaching out to all the winners in the next few days to coordinate prizes with folks.  Happy new year, Happy Holidays, and remember, as always…

Try Everything!