Watch a Time Lapse Frame Rendering of the Mr. Big Scene

Ever wondered how Walt Disney Animation Studios edits its content? Well, wonder no more, for no less than the Disney Animation Twitter account unveiled a time lapse rendering last year of a single frame from the infamous scene between Judy and Mr. Big, shedding light on the creative process that brings the characters on screen to life piece by piece.

(Yeah, yeah, this was posted in June. We’re working through a bit of a backlog.)

Showing off the power of its renderer, Hyperion, Disney gives viewers an interesting look into what drives the development of something as simple as even a single frame, which goes to show just how much time and effort it takes to make a movie like Zootopia.

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  1. One thing to really be emphasized: The video is of a time lapse of the whole rendering process.

    Which means that it’s highly compressed, time-wise; actual time to render that ONE SINGLE FRAME might be in the tens of minutes, if not hours.

    And this is a frame where there are only small mammals, each with mere millions of hairs. A big, crowded city scene with bigger mammals each having TENS OF MILLIONS of hairs?

    And Zootopia has approximately 150 THOUSAND frames.

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