Comic: A Strip for Peace and Tolerance (By Novil, Sandra and Woo)


“Peace and Love, Peace and Love!” – Ringo Star

All is not as it seems in the animal utopian society that we love and adore. The time for change might be ever-present. But is society ready for such a drastic move?

Even if some commit, others may yet still maintain the mantle of one thing while harboring some intention. Can society ever really overcome these primal urges?

Read on to find out if our furry brethren call to head to arms… or lack thereof.

Click here to find the whole comic by Novil, Sandra and Woo.


  1. It’s truly a fact, every strip will betray you, except for Kevin and Kell.

    Imagine me saying this with the sarcasm-dripping venom of Noah Lugeons, “The Good Guys.” Then again, this is about how it feels to watch a Christian movie. The morality is always reversed.

    • If you’re seriously comparing the base of the comic here to a Christian movie, then it’s not the film that has its morals in issue.

      In other train of thought: the strip references Zootopia, but otherwise, it’s not really Zoo related…and has an entirely different outcome.

      • It’s mostly a joke based on how the God Awful Movies crew are often compelled to say “the good guys” during movie reviews as the protagonists are often either bigoted, backward, or in some way contrary to what might be thought of as good. Designated Protagonist Syndrome.

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