Fanfic Updates

Story Updates 14 April 2018

The weekend’s finally here, and with it there’s a whole bunch of reading to catch up on! You’ll see some familiar faces in here, as well as a couple that haven’t been updated in quite some time. Be that as […]


Story: The Application

Art by AirinNoSekai [Rating T13][Fluff][Romance][Holidays][One-shot] I have never read a WildeHopps proposal story that is so perfect. The sweetness of it is enough to make you shed a tear, and the way it is done is so perfectly in character […]


Story: A Rival Romance

Art by OceRydia [Rating T13][Romance][Drama][Humor][AU] Ahhh, high school. That magical time of one’s life characterized by long nights of studying, gnarly school lunches, gossipy cliques, and yes, drama, so much tantalizing, juicy drama. For Nick and Judy, star students of […]


May the 4th Return to Zootopia!

Neato title, right? Coincidentally does well for “Return for Zootopia”, since we’re coming up on Star Wars Day! Here we go, guys! After almost two months of waiting, we finally got a new trailer showcasing episode 4 of “Return to Zootopia” […]


Story: Familiar Fire

Art by Roahm Mythril [Rating T13][Action][Adventure][Sci-Fi][AU][OC][Complete] A fascinating character study from the prolifically talented VariableMammal, set in an alternate universe that’s about superpowers, the fight between good and evil, and a lost vixen who strives to find a purpose for […]


Story: Rained In

Art by BlueDouble [Rating T13][Fluff][Romance][Complete] Nick and Judy rush back to Nick’s place, dinner in hand as the rain starts to fall. What follows is a story fluffy enough to sleep on. The banter is spot on to what you […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates 3 April 2018

Well, hello there, y’all! Drummer here with your weekly update of Zootopia fanfics, of which we have a very diverse selection for you today. There are stories that have been regular mainstays on these story update posts for the past […]