Bellwether’s Crazy Backstory (by The Theorizer)

Ever think about Bellwether’s past — why she hates predators, and whatever happened in the past to make her hate them? Well, we might have a pretty good theory here! 

The Theorizer is known for making theory videos around movies and video games using a massive amount of evidence. This time around, he takes on Bellwether and theorizes on why she shows a great amount of disdain toward predators. He supports the theory with a number of reasons, including diving deeper into Night Howlers themselves.

Get ready to see Bellwether’s past. Check out the full video after the break!


  1. Rather like this theory layout actually, and it makes a great amount of sense. Might have to use some elements of it…
    Also rather amusing that we technically have a location now for Zootopia…other than the somewhat wetter climate seen in the film (details from the surrounding landscape) it's a pretty good fit.

  2. I tried to avoid spoilers for Zootopia, including the surprise villain. But because I wanted to look up fan art, fan comics, and fan fiction for Zootopia, that too many of them revealed way too many plot points to Zootopia, including its own surprise villain. So now I can't enjoy Zootopia the way I was meant to, because the internet craps out a lot of spoiler diarrhea.

    • It's been two years since the movie released… And pretty much all fan works expect you to have seen the source material first, which would mean they expect you to know the surprise villain.

  3. This one still believes that she was constantly bullied as a kid by larger predators, that her childhood is a reflection of both Nick and Judy's, but like them, she responded in her own way. Judy brushed it aside, knowing not all predators are bad. Nick embraced how others perceived foxes and became a scoundrel. Bellwether decided to fight back. Lionheart's treatment of her as Assistant Mayor was just adding fuel to the fire.

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