Special Art of the Day #191: Retreat to the Scenic Rainforest District [Concept and Fanart]

Rainforest Distirct poster by [NOTFOUND]
Source [1]

The Rainforest District: Zootopia’s tropical paradise, a verdant green ecosystem, kept warm and humid year round by cutting edge climate control technology.

Everywhere in the Rainforest District, waterfalls and lush vegetation abound, while a myriad of watercraft ply the rivers that bisect the community and brightly colored blimps float serenely through the sky.

That’s The Rainforest District, only 15 minutes from Savanna Central by sky tram. (Right click and open in new tab.)

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Concept art driving through the Rainforest District.  Note the intake pipes disguised as tree roots

Ranforest sketch2 by Matthais Lechner
Source [2]
Concept art 2 — Downtown in Rainforest District.  One of the few image of the district’s urban side.  Those giant ‘trees’ in the background are actually steam generators, used to help maintain the heat and humidity of this part of Zootopia

Downtown Rainforest by Matthias Lechner
Source [3]
Concept art 3 –Keeping the ‘rain’ in the Rainforest District is an intricate system of eco-ergonomic sprinklers  These were featured briefly in the final film

Rainforest Sprinklers by Scott Watanabe
Source [4]
This about the only Zootopia concept art I’ve seen featuring bats.  And check out that ‘helicopter’.

Rainforest Sketches by Matthias Lechner
Source [5]
Concept art 4 — Two more notable features of the Rainforest District, the overhead CCTV cameras and the Skytram.  (Great place for a cliffhanger.)

Rainforest CCTV by Armand Serrano
Source [6]

Concept art 5 — Skytram Gondola Station.  I dunno, Chief, if I had YOUR bulk I’d be just a little bit leery of walking out onto the end of that thing

Gondola Station by Armand Serrano
Source [7]
Concept art 6 — There’s Misty’s on the left and a horrible pun on ‘car pools’ on the right

Rainforest District by Armand Serrano
Source [8]
Concept art 7 — Rainforest River Craft.  Interesting mashup of South American and Southeast Asian architecture.

Rainforest Riverboats by Jim Martin
Source [9]

Mr. Renato Manchas, Rainforest District resident and chauffeur to the rich and notorious.

Good Morning Mr. Otterton by NightTerror
Source [10]
Like any good mob driver, Mr. Manchas is always careful to check under the hood before starting his day.  Okay, oil’s fine, tranny-fluid level is okay, battery’s in decent order…and no bombs anywhere; we’re good to go.

1461603602.jazcabungcal_mr_manchas_ by JAZcabungcal
Source [11]
Concept pic of Mr. Manchas’ house.  Another image that made it into the final cut

Manchas House by Armand Serrano
Source [12]

Manchas chillin’ on the back porch with his good friend,  Emmitt Otterton

zootopia_mr_manchas_by_inubiko-da5n4ga by inubiko
Source [13]

Yep, Mr. Otterton lives in the Rainforest District, too

meet_the_ottertons_by_blindcoyote-d9zjbu4 by BlindCoyote
Source [14]

One of the most iconic images associated with Zootopia is the the picture of the red blimp passing through the drawbridge.   Here is the blimp, seen from above.  ( This is not a concept drawing.)

rainforest_district_by_monoflax-db3uh8b by MonoFlax
Source [15]
The drawbridge as viewed from below.

rainforest_district__2_by_monoflax-db4bwrk by MonoFlax
Source [16]
And both of them, as viewed by Nick and Judy.  (This is also fanart)

Rainforest District by TWF
Source [17]

Judy Hopps training for duty in the Rainforest District

1510770961.darkanine121212_trainnig_judy_hopps_darkanine_completo by Darkanine121212
Source [18]
“See, Slick, I told you it’d come in handy someday.”

rainforest_lagoon_by_stormspike-daotcnr by Stormspike
Source [19]

Famous last words, Judy.

to_the_zpd__by_ruffu-dak21jg by Ruffu
Source [20]
Nick and Judy on a date in the Rainforest District

date_in_rainforest_district_2___colorized_by_otakurec37-daoixff by Otakurec37
Source [21]

It’s a magical place to spend time together

Rainforest Nick and Judy by Gidora
Source [22]

Especially at night

Rainforest District Night by Gidora
Source [23]

I-I-I think they’d like to be left alone for a while.

zootopia_by_fcotriggs-da4ht9p by fcotriggs
Source [24]

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