Story: The Tale of Crossfire and the Hustler

Art by cartoonstudy

[Rating T13][Action][Superhero][Romance][Incomplete]

Y’all ready for another AU? This one tackles Judy and Nick as co-workers at a diner in Zootopia, Judy freshly moved to the city and Nick… well, the usual Nick, mostly. Key word: mostly, because rather than a small-time hustler, he’s a big-time crook in this world, while Judy is none other than Crossfire, the nighttime vigilante looking to stomp out crime when duty calls. Do they end up meeting each other as part of their second lives? C’mon, do you really have to ask? Fans of well-written action, budding romance and altogether anxiety-inducing interactions for the reader (because of, you know, that alter ego thing) are gonna go crazy for this one. ~YFWE

Author: TheoreticallyEva

Description :
Zootopia AU. Judy and Nick become roommates and co-workers at a diner. Unbeknownst to each other, they both lead secret lives outside the law—one as a vigilante and the other as a criminal with an agenda. What follows is a tangled web of secret identities with not-so-secret archenemies infused with VERY secret attractions. Complications ensue.

The Tale of Crossfire and the Hustler
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Additional Tags: crossfire and the hustler would probably also make a solid buddy cop film title tho


  1. The story was actually started in February of this year, not last year, so it's VERY recent. Just be patient, I'm sure Eva is hard at work on the next chapter and will release it soon. Make sure to look up the dates carefully next time! It's wrong to bash a story when you have the facts incorrect.

  2. like i said not trying to bash the story… at the time i was typing this up on my phone so i guess i didnt see the full date on the small screen my bad XD.

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