ZNN Interviews Trashasaurusrex!


Ladies and gentlemammals this is Lucario389 speaking… typing… here?  After many months (3 months behind schedule. >_> ), ZNN interviews are back!  We are proud to say that the wait was worth it, as we present to you our next animated video interview with a talented artist who is known for putting Nick in a dress!  And I must say, he wears them well.

Today, we’re interviewing TrashasaurusRex, the winner of the public vote from back in November!

Trashasaurusrex (or Trish for short) has made some wonderful pieces of art, from the adorable Isabelle Wilde to Judy being the hero of Hercules while Nick takes Meg’s place. She has truly made some remarkable, funny and downright adorable art for this fandom, and we are really thankful for all the awesomeness she’s brought us!

This video could not have been possible without the help of one of our newest video editors, Lana “Scootakip” Toon, and her awesome work. Take a look at what she helped bring to life after the break, and follow TrashasaurusRex on Tumblr!

EDIT:  Now with Soundcloud Link!

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  1. Congrats to both Andy and Trish on a successful and informative interview shared together. This one wholeheartedly agrees in the comedic sense of Nick is best Disney princess, after seeing so much of Trish's art that reflects that humour. Personal favourite examples include Nick as Elsa, Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel and Jessica Rabbit, to say nothing of the times he goes undercover as a Playboy Bunny. Judy, meanwhile assumes the roles of the respective princes and other male leads, just to make the laughs better (especially since she makes a very funny Roger Rabbit). Much thanks to everyone at ZNN for this entertaining interview.

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