Story: The Application

Art by AirinNoSekai

[Rating T13][Fluff][Romance][Holidays][One-shot]

I have never read a WildeHopps proposal story that is so perfect. The sweetness of it is enough to make you shed a tear, and the way it is done is so perfectly in character that this may be one of my all time favorite WildeHopps one-shots. You may walk away with cavities! ~Gorgancm

Author: TheoreticallyEva

Description :
Nick isn’t sure if he and Judy are agreed about what direction their relationship is going, so Judy uses a bit of creativity to make her stance clear and spur him into action.

The Application
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  1. This is easily my favorite WildeHopps fanfic of the ones I've seen so far, largely because TheoreticallyEva writes the story with a light touch and emphasis on humor that feels really true to the spirit of the characters. I even shared it with a friend who prefers Nick and Judy to be portrayed as platonic friends, and he enjoyed it as well.

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